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Addison James Foods provides unique and delicious sauces, dressings, marinades, and plant powered burgers and bites to our nation’s most acclaimed restaurants, home delivery services, prepared meal companies and retail stores.

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Food Service & Distribution

Consistency is the #1 goal for every food service operation. Our mission is achieving absolute consistency batch to batch, day to day. The freshness of our made-to-order products is sealed in our custom size poly pouches ranging from 1 ounce to 5 pounds. Poly pouches lock in freshness, reduce waste and save valuable storage space, further reducing your carbon footprint.

Alternative packaging is also available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and 2,000-pound totes. Restaurant operators will appreciate the convenience and ease of our products to quickly elevate and liven any dish. In a busy kitchen it will come in handy to reach for a delicious, ready to use Creative Culinary Solution.


When we partner with your prepared foods department, meal prep kits or home delivery service, you can be assured we will provide you with flavor-forward, nutritious accompaniments that will uphold your company’s reputation. We pride ourselves in honoring that trust. Home cooks will dazzle their families with delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare meals.


We guarantee consistency batch to batch. Our products are packaged to meet your batch-specific requirements. Using only the freshest, nutrient-rich herbs and fragrant spices sourced from suppliers who meet our exacting standards. We have scoured the international food scenes to capture a wide variety of trending ethnic flavor profiles. Capable of fulfilling low and high- volume orders alike, we will simplify your production process.


Our finely crafted specialty items are designed with the insightful palate in mind. We promise a farm-fresh, nutrient dense mix of surprising and pleasing flavors. We offer the home cook an accessible, elevated cooking and dining experience. Fine dining in the comfort of their own home. From peppery, to herbal to spicy, there is a vibrant flavor profile to match everyone's personal preference.

Our Catalog

Nashville Hot

Dark and decadent chili pepper base paste combined with buttermilk and a touch of dill pickle puree create the unforgettable combination of Nashville Hot.

Spicy Roasted Garlic Lava Sauce

Tangy, roasted garlic, sweet and spicy sauce for fried chicken, fish, and wings. Add our Lava Sauce to spice up any dish or serve as a fiery side sauce.

Orange Ginger Sauce

Valencia orange peel , fresh ginger, and soy sauce. Use with chicken, seafood or as an Asian salad dressing.

Sofrito Salsa

Slow cooked tomato, garlic, Caribbean herbs and spices, fresh cilantro and oregano.

Parmesan Remoulade

Spicy and cool, this classic Cajun Remoulade has a distinct Parmesan flair. Great with friedchicken, or fish, crab cakes, and sandwiches.

Roasted Pineapple Chutney

Chunks of roasted pineapple, tomatoes, jalapenos, raisins and island spices. Perfect pairing with all roasted meats and fish.

Cilantro Lime Crema

Creamy and cool, with just the right touch lime juice and spices. Drizzle on quesadillas, spicy wings, black beans or arepas.

White Truffle Black Pepper Vinaigrette

Subtle yet distinctive flavor of earthly white truffles blended with spicy black pepper create a luxurious salad dressing. Also delicious on grilled vegetables or drizzled on grilled meats and seafood.

Fresh Florida Salsa

Vine ripend local tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers with fresh herbs and citrus juices.

3 Citrus Butter

Tangy and buttery blend of orange lime and lemon along with fresh herbs create the perfect accompaniment to seafood chicken and vegetables.

Blackberry Mustard Glaze

Deep sweet and decadent yet savory. Perfect combo of blackberry and mustard. Lather this glaze on broiled salmon or brush on grilled chicken.

Your Next Sauce!

We specialize in custom sauces and mixes tailored to your restaurant or brand. Contact us today and let’s create your perfect product!

About Addison James Foods

When you partner with Addison James Foods, we are with you from beginning to end. Our team will work in concert with yours to provide ideation and consultation services, in a collaborative and constructive manner.

We manufacture and package to match your exact quantities in flex packaging ranging from 1 oz to 5 pounds, 1- gallon plastic jars, five- gallon pails or 55- gallon drums. We provide our home-grown recipes or use your private label proprietary creations. We are here to support you, and facilitate the expansion and elevation of your offerings.

We source the freshest ingredients grown closest to where we are, produce the highest quality product and are confident that we will exceed your expectations.

Food Safety & Quality

Our facility is SQF Certified for food manufacturing, Edition 8.1 under the Global Food Safety Initiative Program. Our team is trained and certified in HACCP and GMP Standards.

Our facility has a robust Environmental Swabbing program and comprehensive sanitation and inspection programs. The quality Control Manager works closely with the Quality Assurance team to insure a consistent, high quality product from batch to batch.

Our Family

Chef Alain and Colleen Bedard created Addison James Foods with care, attention and passion. The same care, attention and passion they show their two children.

As a successful award-winning restaurant operator, Chef Alain has garnered numerous accolades including Chef 2000’s Top Chefs of North America four years in a row. Drawing on his extensive world travel, Chef Alain has made it his mission to learn as much as he can from all the cuisines of the world. Colleen, as well as all the R&D Chefs, are HACCP Certified and GMP trained. Colleen is both the company’s CFO and SQF Practitioner.

After meeting Colleen, at a restaurant of course, they fell in love, sharing a common passion for good food, excellence in their work and a commitment to family. Together they started Addison James Foods in a small kitchen and over the last several years it’s grown and relocated, now in a brand new, state of the art facility where they create sauces, salsas, salad dressings, glazes, and drizzles. These creations not only occupy the tables of various restaurants but extend beyond the food service industry to provide produce, seafood and meat delivery companies to the shelves of retailers. By offering smaller minimums and the ability to meet made to order batch requirements, their reputation as a reliable and credible sauce supplier is growing daily.

Alongside the photos of Alain’s rich culinary past hang paintings their children have made for the company and photos of their family. Such a merging of culinary distinction and family values is the essence of James Addison Foods.


Our association with these highly valued organizations, support our continued success in the food manufacturing industry.

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